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Would Physiotherapy Benefit my Horse or Small Animal?


Have you noticed your Equine...

  • Change Behaviour/Decreased performance

  • Reluctant to canter

  • Preference to work on a certain rein

  • Refusing jumps

  • Unhappy to be tacked-up/rugged/groomed

  • Altered movement patterns

  • Stiffness/ Muscle Weakness/Imbalance

  • Pre/Post Surgery

  • Just doesn't feel right..

This list is not exhaustive, these are just some signs that your horse would benefit from an assessment.​ Have your vet fill out a referral form today.

Have you noticed your Dog...

  • Change behaviour

  • Difficulty getting up from laying

  • Stiffness/ altered movements

  • Less interested in their usual walks or tires more easily

  • Increased Panting

  • Difficulty or slower with stairs/steps/jumping

  • Increased fatigue

  • Laying down a lot

  • Pre/Post Surgery

This list is not exhaustive, these are just some signs that your small animal would benefit from an assessment.​​ Have your Vet fill out a referral form today.

Animal Physiotherapy may be of benefit to your Horse or Small Animal. For more information on the benefits of treatment click here.

Please have your Vet complete a referral form and send to adanimalphysio@gmail.com for a suitable appointment.

ADAnimal Physiotherapy works under Veterinary approval to ensure safe high quality care.

For Pricing please see our Price List

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