Working with your horse or small animal to maintain comfort, mobility and optimum performance

A Veterinary referral is required unless for maintenance or pre-competition treatment. 

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Animal Physiotherapy

ADAnimal Physiotherapy is a mobile service covering various areas of Ireland. Get in touch to see if you are within reach.

Aisling works with your horse or small animal to maintain comfort, mobility and optimum performance. For rehab cases Aisling works alongside the Veterinary team, providing a functional assessment to support recovery of the animal through a patient-centred holistic approach. Her aim is to diminish pain, improve movement, reduce risk of injury and evoke regular muscle control and function through numerous evidence-based techniques. Physiotherapy may also enhance the animals athletic performance, helping to avoid injury whilst maximising performance.

ADAnimal Physiotherapy is registered with IRVAP. A professional body that promotes the practice of Veterinary Physiotherapy, ensuring the highest standards of physiotherapy care will be delivered to animals.


About Aisling

I grew up in the countryside of Co. Kildare, from here came my love of animals and the outdoors. This love grew further through taking part in voluntary shelter & yard roles, pony camps, dog walking and numerous voluntary veterinary related placements throughout my life.
In 2013 I completed a BSc in Nursing. During this time my interest in the medical field, rehabilitation, teamwork and leadership grew. Nursing increased my awareness of Physiotherapy and the impact it can have on an individual. Gaining this insight, along with my passion for animals, led to a level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy.
The difference that physiotherapy makes to the animals quality of life or their performance motivates me to deliver patient-focused high quality care.